Basic Overview- Eastern Hiagyre

The name Hiagyre actually refers to the second largest land mass on a material plane floating in a void in space known by the learned as the Immaterial. This continent is home to five major races and at least a dozen other minor or sub-races. Several major Empires have risen and fallen on this continent; the most recent of these was the Kingdom of Nerath on the eastern shore of the Sea of Distant Lands. It was a Man dominated government, ruled by nine noble families and one Royal family who’s lands where held in trust. It’s a cold land with short cool summers and long hard winters, save for the southernmost province which is warmed by the sea. To the west stand the Weststone Mountains, to the east the sea. Two major forests break up the cold, rolling hills; to the south the Trolloc Forest, to the northeast the Drakenvold. To the north is the Berna Ice Shelf, as wall of ice hundreds of feet tall and home to strange people and stranger monsters.

Some hundred years ago the noble families, using a loop hole found in the Royal Charter, forced the ruling family out of the kingdom and divided the lands like spoils of war. They now squabble and trade among themselves, while the lands away from their strongholds become wilder as the years turn by. Bandits are common along the established trade lanes and away from them monsters roam free. What’s more the El’aar, Elves in Trade Créole, have taken over most of the Trolloc forest and Lightbridge Castle. They protect their trade lines far better than the distracted nobles but their taxes for such a service are high.

The Royal family, along with their servants, headed north onto the Berna Ice Shelf where they came under the protection of the primal spirits there. Some say this protection has changed them, and those in the northern lands whisper strange things about their warriors around the camp fires at night. They somehow eek a living out on the tundra, though raiding southern lands have become the norm for some of the Tyren Blood.

The Westernstone Mountains are home to the Hewn, Dwarves in the Trade Créole. Several strongholds dot the peaks and valleys of those mountains, and their tunnels crisscross the lands benieth in a byzantine pattern that requires lifelong pathfinders to transverse. Orcs and goblins use these tunnels as well, and frequent skirmishes are common in the darkness of the mountain depths. In the southern reaches a tumor grows under benign skin. The Dragonborn of Scaleton spread descent and chaos under the guise of goodwill and trade for their masters, the Dragons of Dragonspeak. Little is known of that tall mountain, but during the frequent storms strange lights reach down from the clouds.

There are many other lands on this continent but this is where our story begins. May the Light break the Shadow as you travel these lands, brave adventurer.

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Basic Overview- Eastern Hiagyre

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